US Sanctions 4 International Companies for Aiding Pakistan’s Missile Program

The US Department of State has taken decisive action against entities believed to be involved in the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction by designating four companies under Executive Order 13382. These entities are accused of providing essential materials and technologies to support Pakistan’s ballistic missile program, including its capabilities for long-range missile development.

The US State Department in Washington announced on April 19: “Three of the targeted companies are based in China, with the fourth located in Belarus.”

According to the media statement, “The sanctioned entities include China-based companies Xi’an Longde Technology Development Company Limited, Tianjin Creative Source International Trade Co. Ltd, Granpect Company Limited, as well as the Belarus-based Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant.”

“These entities have supplied missile‐applicable items to Pakistan’s ballistic missile program, including its long-range missile program,” the statement revealed.

The State Department further said: “The sanctions mean all property and interests in property of the companies in the US or possession or control of American citizens are blocked and must be reported to the US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).”

The statement further stipulated that “any individuals or entities holding a direct or indirect ownership stake of 50% or more in these sanctioned companies will also face blocking measures.”

In response to the US decision to impose sanctions against commercial entities on allegations of links with Pakistan’s ballistic missile program, Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, the spokeswoman for Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said on Thursday: “Such listings of commercial entities have taken place in the past as well on allegations of links to Pakistan’s ballistic missile program without sharing any evidence whatsoever.”

She further added, “While we are not aware of the specifics of the latest measures by the United States, in the past, we have come across many instances where listings have been made.”

According to Baloch, “Pakistan has always been ready to discuss end-use and end-user verification mechanisms so that legitimate commercial users are not hurt by the discriminatory application of export controls.”

In October 2023, the US had levied sanctions against three other Chinese companies.

These sanctions were imposed based on the allegations that these companies had supplied equipment relevant to the production of missiles for Pakistan’s ballistic missile program.

The US sanctions on Pakistan’s missile program are not a new development.

Over the years, the US has periodically imposed sanctions on individuals, entities, and countries suspected of supporting or facilitating Pakistan’s ballistic missile program.

These sanctions reflect broader concerns about nuclear proliferation and regional stability in South Asia.

The latest round of sanctions underscores ongoing efforts by the US to deter and counteract activities deemed detrimental to international security and non-proliferation goals.

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