Rockets Fired at US Base in Syria from Iraq, No Injuries Reported

Rockets were fired from the Iraqi town of Zummar toward a US military base in northeastern Syria on Sunday, marking the first such attack on US forces since early February. According to two Iraqi security sources and a US official, the incident occurred shortly after Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani’s visit to the United States, where discussions with President Joe Biden took place. No US personnel were injured in the attack.

The attack appears to signal a resumption of hostilities by Iranian-backed groups in Iraq following a nearly three-month hiatus. Statements on affiliated Telegram channels suggested that these groups were motivated by perceived stalling in discussions to end the US-led military coalition presence in Iraq.

In response to the rocket launches, a US-led coalition aircraft retaliated by targeting the launcher. Security sources in Iraq noted that a small truck equipped with a rocket launcher was located and destroyed in Zummar, a town close to the Syrian border.

The Iraqi army has seized the remains of the truck for further investigation and is coordinating with coalition forces to gather more information about the incident. Simultaneously, the Iraqi Security Media Cell announced that Iraqi forces have initiated a comprehensive search operation to apprehend those responsible for the attacks.

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