Report: Israel Delays Planned Military Strike Against Iran Following US Discussions

By The Media Line Staff

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided to delay plans for a retaliatory strike against Iran following discussions with US President Joe Biden. This decision came after Israel was targeted by an Iranian missile and drone attack over the weekend. The initial Israeli response, approved by the cabinet, was set aside due to diplomatic concerns highlighted in the conversation with President Biden.

The Israeli broadcaster Kan reported that although the cabinet had green-lit a series of potential responses, these were reconsidered after the high-level bilateral discussion. A senior source noted that while a response is still anticipated, it will differ from the initially planned military retaliation.

In the wake of the attack, where Iran fired over 300 missiles and drones—allegedly in retaliation for an Israeli strike in Damascus—Israeli and international diplomacy has intensified. Most of the Iranian projectiles were intercepted, resulting in minimal damage, but the incident significantly raised regional tensions.

According to reports, the Israeli leadership was largely in favor of a robust response to Iran’s actions. However, internal opposition and the complex geopolitical landscape have prompted a more measured approach. The decision to postpone any immediate military action was also influenced by ongoing strategic discussions, including considerations of operational timing and broader regional stability.

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