Report: Israel Adjusts Gaza Strategy After US Consultations, Plans Limited Rafah Offensive

By The Media LineThe Media Line Staff

Following discussions with US officials, Israel has decided to modify its military strategy in the Gaza Strip, particularly in the southern city of Rafah, opting for a more restrained approach. Washington Post analyst David Ignatius reported that Israel will not proceed with an initial plan to deploy two divisions into Rafah but will instead conduct more limited operations.

This adjustment is expected to result in fewer civilian casualties and has not faced opposition from the US, according to Ignatius. The strategic shift comes after US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan’s meetings with Saudi and Israeli officials, indicating a possible gradual cessation of Israeli combat operations.

Discussions have also outlined a post-conflict governance plan for Gaza involving a Palestinian security force backed by moderate Arab states, although this is yet to be fully agreed upon by all parties, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Despite these developments, the recent request by the International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor for arrest warrants against Netanyahu and other Israeli and Hamas leaders could complicate the geopolitical landscape further.

As Israeli forces continue to operate in eastern Rafah, the military claims that the evacuation of civilians was executed more efficiently than anticipated, with significant numbers relocating to designated humanitarian zones. However, the situation in Rafah remains critical, with ongoing military operations and a significant number of civilians still in the city.

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