Report: Iranian Air Defenses Respond to Israeli Drones Over Isfahan

Israel reportedly conducted an attack on Iranian soil early Friday, intensifying the long-standing shadow conflict between the two nations into overt hostilities. This development comes just days after Iran’s significant drone and missile strike on Israel, which saw most of the incoming projectiles intercepted by Israeli defenses.

The attack targeted the central city of Isfahan, where Iranian media reported that air defenses shot down three drones. According to state television, the air defense systems were activated after drones were detected over the city shortly after midnight. Senior army commander Siavosh Mihandoust stated that the defenses engaged a “suspicious object” in the skies over Isfahan.

The backdrop to these recent hostilities includes an April 1st airstrike on an Iranian embassy compound in Damascus, widely attributed to Israel. This strike was part of a broader context involving Iran’s support for Hamas, the Palestinian group whose October 7 incursion into Israel triggered an extensive Israeli military response in Gaza.

In response to the growing tensions, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi issued a warning of a “severe response” to any attacks on Iranian territory. This stance was echoed in Iran’s communication to the United Nations Security Council, urging measures to restrain Israeli military actions.

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