Netanyahu Signals End to Intensive Phase in Gaza, but Conflict Continues

By The Media Line Staff

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that Israel is nearing the end of its intensive phase of fighting against Hamas in the Gaza Strip but emphasized that the conflict is far from over. In an interview broadcast late Sunday on Israeli Channel 14, Netanyahu expressed willingness to agree to a partial cease-fire deal that would allow for the return of some hostages but insisted on continuing military operations to eliminate Hamas.

Netanyahu’s comments have created tension with the US-backed cease-fire proposal, which aims for a complete halt in hostilities and the release of all hostages. Hamas demands a permanent cease-fire and full withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza before releasing any more hostages. Netanyahu, however, maintains that Israel’s goal is to destroy Hamas’s military capabilities to prevent future attacks.

The current situation has led to strained relations between Israel and the US, with the US pushing for a cease-fire that Netanyahu seems reluctant to endorse fully. This reluctance has frustrated families of hostages and sparked further complications in negotiations mediated by the US, Egypt, and Qatar.

Netanyahu also spoke about the potential for increased conflict with Hezbollah on Israel’s northern border. As fighting in Gaza winds down, he noted that Israel might shift focus to confront the Lebanese armed group that has been attacking Israel from the north since the start of the Israel-Hamas war, stressing that any cease-fire with Hezbollah must meet Israeli terms.

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