Mega Gifter Sylvan Adams Calls Out President Biden’s Double Standard in Israel-Hamas War
Canadian Israeli businessman/philanthropist discussed the war and efforts to unify the nation during difficult times
http://themedialine.orgBy The Media Line
Dressed in shorts and a white polo shirt, Canadian Israeli businessman and philanthropist Sylvan Adams sits relaxed in his pristine home overlooking the calm Mediterranean Sea, speaking candidly and engagingly with The Media Line’s Felice Friedson about the current crisis in Israel. His critical, pinpoint analysis of Israel’s current political, military, and social challenges contrasts with his casual demeanor.
Adams criticizes US President Joe Biden for quoting Hamas casualty figures and shifting support between Israel and Hamas, which Adams views as incoherent, politically motivated, and undermining of Israel, a key democratic ally. He also expresses his disillusionment with how the war in Israel has been portrayed, describing it as part of a failed system. “Our communications is an absolute catastrophe,” he states.
Sylvan Adams1.jpg – Sylvan Adams. (Ziv Koren)

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