Hizbullah Launches Deepest Drone Strike on Israeli Base Near Tiberias
Hizbullah launched a drone attack on a military base west of Israel’s Tiberias on Wednesday, marking the deepest strike into Israeli territory by the Lebanese armed group since the onset of the Gaza war.
Hizbullah claimed the attack targeted part of the Israeli Air Force’s surveillance system, stating that the swarm of drones “hit its limited targets accurately and accomplished what it wanted in this limited operation.”
The Israeli military has yet to comment on the attack, though air-raid sirens were activated in a village west of Tiberias earlier on Wednesday. Israeli media reported that a drone exploded near Golani Interchange, a major traffic junction, causing damage but no casualties. Israel’s public broadcaster, Kan, issued warnings to locals about a potential second drone circling overhead.
The drone strike followed the killing of Hizbullah field commander Hussein Mekki in southern Lebanon by an Israeli strike the previous day. The Israeli military stated that Mekki was responsible for several attacks on Israeli civilians and territory since the Gaza war began in October. Hizbullah mentioned that Wednesday’s drone attack was in response to “assassinations” by Israel but did not specifically cite Mekki’s death.
Over the past seven months, more than 260 Hizbullah fighters have been killed in Israeli strikes on southern Lebanon. In April, Hizbullah attacked Israeli military bases north of Acre with drones, which was previously their deepest strike into Israeli territory.

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