Blinken and Kaag Discuss Aid Efforts and Reconstruction in Gaza

The Media Line

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with the UN Security Council’s recently appointed Gaza coordinator, Sigrid Kaag, on Wednesday to discuss ongoing humanitarian efforts and post-conflict reconstruction strategies in the Gaza Strip.

Kaag was appointed to head the Security Council’s mission to Gaza after a resolution was passed in late December mandating that more aid enter the enclave.

During the joint briefing with Binken, Kaag said she had already had “good discussions and collaboration” with Jordan, Egypt, and Israel on the situation, but that several major challenges remain.

Speaking of the allegations that UN aid agency UNRWA has been involved in assisting and supporting Hamas terrorism, Kaag said that her discussions with Blinken would focus on increasing the volume of aid and ensuring that supplies did not get into the wrong hands.

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