By Omar Younis

LAS VEGAS – Pop superstar Taylor Swift is no distraction to the upcoming Super Bowl — she’s an enhancement, excited fans in Las Vegas told Reuters on Wednesday.

The run-up to Sunday’s blockbuster clash between Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers has been dominated by stories surrounding the relationship between Swift and her boyfriend Travis Kelce, the Chiefs tight end.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a big Taylor Swift fan, but I think that it’s not her fault that they (TV broadcasts) keep showing her and I think she’s great for the game,” said Donna Collier, a 61-year-old football fan from Kentucky.

“More women need to watch NFL. We need to get more involved in sports. I think it’s great … so go, Taylor,” she laughed.

Alex Lindsey, a 53-year-old football fan from Kansas City was even more effusive.

“Well you know, she’s a superstar, a super, superstar.

“She will be in the house, in the building for the Super Bowl. But, I mean I love it. You know, it kind of takes away from the team a little bit. But you know what? It’s all good.”

It is still not known for sure whether or not Swift will attend Sunday’s showdown. 

A regular at Chiefs games all season, she could miss the biggest game of all due to scheduling conflicts with her “Eras Tour” which has her performing in Tokyo on Feb. 10, the night before the Super Bowl.

Swift could get to Las Vegas for kick-off on Sunday but would then have to quickly get back on a plane for three concerts in Melbourne, Australia staring Feb. 16.

Most people were hoping she would make it.

“I mean we should all be so lucky that we’d have a significant other wanting to support us in our job, right?” said Joel Wafer, a 50-year-old football fan from Ohio.

“And that’s all Taylor is doing is supporting her boyfriend in what (he’s) doing. So I love it, I hope she has a great time.”

Pam Bortz, a 57-year-old ‘Swiftie’ from South Carolina, said the Swift effect was a boon for the Super Bowl.

“I think it is a wonderful thing. She is an awesome person and it just really adds to the excitement of being here for the Super Bowl,” added Bortz.

But not everyone was as delighted by the hullabaloo surrounding America’s golden couple.

“It’s a lot of drama, that’s what I think. It’s football, it shouldn’t be too much show,” said Rafael Aquinaga, a 61-year-old from Texas.

“I think it’s a little wrinkle but (I’m) a diehard 49ers fan so I couldn’t care less about Taylor Swift, seriously,” added 34-year-old Harpal Sheena.

(Writing by Ossian Shine; Editing by Peter Rutherford)

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