WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden is making no excuses for his age in the first campaign ad of a $30 million buy across battleground states after Super Tuesday, casting himself as more effective than his predecessor, Donald Trump.

The 60-second spot opens with Biden, 81, addressing one of voters’ top concerns about his bid for a second term, acknowledging to viewers, “Look, I’m not a young guy, that’s no secret.”

“But here’s the deal, I understand how to get things done for the American people,” Biden adds, ticking through a list of accomplishments, including leading the country through the COVID-19 pandemic, cutting drug prices and strengthening the economy.

The, six-week advertising blitz on TV and digital platforms is designed to highlight the main themes from Thursday’s State of the Union address, and is geared to Black, Asian and Hispanic communities. But the opening ad is meant to tackle a concern shared by a wide swath of voters.

Biden’s age has become a key vulnerability on the campaign trail — though many voters share the same concerns about Trump, who is 77. A recent survey by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that 63% say they’re not very or not at all confident in Biden’s mental capability to serve effectively as president. In the poll, 57% said Trump lacks the memory and acuity for the job.

Meanwhile, a super PAC backing Trump has released an ad highlighting Biden’s age, declaring, “If Biden wins, can he even survive till 2029?”

Biden’s ad closes with what is presented as an outtake, as he beams into the camera and quips, “Look, I’m very young, energetic and handsome. What the hell am I doing this for?”

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