Sharathon 2014!

Posted on September 05, 2014

Sharathon 2014 is coming to WCTS, September 15-19, 7 am -- 7 pm.

What's my favorite part? It's hard to decide...

  • Maybe it's the excitement of reaching for the goal together,
  • Maybe it's the encouragement of hearing from so many listeners,
  • Or maybe it's the emphasis on Jesus Christ throughout the week.

We do have a wonderful time at Sharathon. It's fun to listen, but it's more fun to participate. And it's easy and satisfying, too. 

Here's how my wife and I do it, It's a joint decision for us. We pray about how much, then we talk about it and agree on an amount. Finally, we call the Sharathon number: 763-417-8270 (or 1-855-417-8270), or we give online at

After all, everybody's favorite part is seeing the Sharathon total rise, and the goal met. Thank you for anything you can do to help make Sharathon a success this year.

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